Current Portfolio

Andreas Schwarzenbrunner


Andreas has an eye for promising ideas and would literally be eager to start a new business every two weeks. As a former policy adviser in the Austrian Parliament, he not only developed an insatiable passion for politics, but also profound expertise on different economic and technological affairs. One of his main objectives is to support the old economy in becoming more digital.

“What drives me most is my desire to try out new things. Good things happen when you don’t plan them. I love interesting people with unlimited ideas and an eye for the bigger picture.”

At Speedinvest, Andreas is dedicated to identifying the right Industry 4.0 investments, and actively deploys his know-how to support portfolio companies across different sectors He has been working in  the Speedinvest offices in Munich and San Francisco, mentors students and has given inspiring speeches at international panels and other events. Andreas is thus inspiring people in multiple ways: as a city council in his Viennese home district, he is convinced that engaging in different fields and activities makes you see the broader picture.