Valerie Wiederkehr-Prundianu Speedinvest

Valerie Wiederkehr-Prundianu

People Manager

Valerie serendipitously stumbled into the startup space after completing her Master’s in Management and Human Resources at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Being passionate about People topics from an early age, she found her calling in helping startups attract, develop and retain talent. 

“My mission is to work with startups to make them successful employers with strong, highly engaged and talented teams.”

Joining the Austrian startup Shpock as one of its first dedicated People Managers, she has experience in developing processes covering the full employee lifecycle from scratch for rapidly growing organizations. She also led workshops on HR and OKRs which granted her the opportunity to pass this knowledge on to other startups, helping them to strategically and effectively achieve their business goals. 

Catching the entrepreneurial bug herself, Valerie launched a gamified fashion app called InPose together with her husband (who is conveniently a software developer :) ). She then joined Speedinvest Heroes, which brought her even closer to Speedinvest’s portfolio. There she recruited team members for several startups, such as CoachHub and Xapix.

Valerie loves spending time with family and friends, traveling, eating (not so much cooking), reading and learning new things like Italian (hopefully still learning as you read this).