Timothy Krause Speedinvest Deep Tech Analyst

Timothy Krause


Timothy, an analytical thinker and cosmopolitan, found his passion in data analysis, team collaboration, writing, and teaching. He holds a Master’s degree in Biological Sciences with a specialization in Genetics, Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. As a research assistant, he discovered new genetic trends in microbes. Timothy had also conducted research for the National Science Foundation in Lincoln, where he had analysed the genetic composition of bacteria using computational biology software.
Besides genetics and coding, Timothy has lived a passion for teaching. During his Bachelor’s degree at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota, he had already tutored students in German. At the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, Timothy lectured on a range of scientific, historical, and cultural topics, coordinated lecture schedules among departments, and designed English learning exercises.
In his free time, Timothy enjoys skiing, running, and biking. As a keyboardist himself, he is a big fan of baroque music, especially the compositions of J.S. Bach.