Thomas Rosenmayr Speedinvest Growth Marketing Team

Thomas Rosenmayr

Managing B2B Sales Specialist

Thomas loves building outstanding companies. His strong believe in the power of entrepreneurial spirit leads his professional life since the 1990s. Driven by his hands-on approach he seeks challenges and gets inspired by working with the best. At home he relaxes with a good glass of wine while cooking or having a disruptive discussion.

Successful founders team up with the best to create outstanding companies. Willing is not enough, let’s do.

Before joining Speedinvest, Thomas founded nexxar, a European leader in digital corporate reporting (50+ employees). He is a leading digital corporate communications expert in Europe with 20+ years of experience in large scale digital publishing projects with big corporates clients (eg. BASF, Barclays, Novartis, Shell, VW). He successfully built an international client base of +70 clients across Europe, North America and even Japan; a network he regularly taps into for the startups he works with.