Severin Zugmayer


Severin, mainly growing up in Vienna and the Salzkammergut, has always been eager to meet inspiring people from all over the world. He lived in Oslo, Wroclaw and Hamburg where he gained professional work experience in executive search at Kienbaum, brand marketing at Red Bull, as well as sales and marketing at Google.

“I love people who are serious about their work but don‘t take themselves too seriously. Seeing startups from different angles has motivated me to take a seat at the investor’s table.”

With a growing interest in the startup ecosystem, Severin’s work allowed him to engage with startups and visionary founders from numerous perspectives. At Speedinvest, he is dedicated to follow the development of each portfolio company with utmost accuracy to uncover their full potential. One of Severin’s interests comprise everything human centered around business success like design thinking, allowing him to develop a comprehensive understanding of the most complex situations.  Apart from his professional life, Severin loves climbing, skiing, mountaineering and especially team sports like basketball. He is passionate about rare oldtimers and sneakers, knowing all different kinds of them – however only collecting the latter – until now.