Nina Frizberg Speedinvest General Counsel

Nora Frizberg

General Counsel

Having gained legal knowledge and experience in Austria and abroad, Nora is well-versed and experienced international lawyer. She spent a year and a half in London, getting her LLM degree in finance and corporate law at the London School of Economics and gaining experience in a reputable London City law firm. Back to Austria, Nora dived deep into the world of finance and capital markets as an Associate at the international law firm Schönherr, where she led and managed international finance transactions.

“Putting my competences as a lawyer to use by working with curious and passionate entrepreneurs gives meaning to my practice, because I am part of something innovative, progressive and new.”

Working as an Associate at the national law firm Doralt Seist Csoklich, Nora led M&A projects and specialized in corporate law – a field in which, combined with insolvency law, she is currently writing her PhD thesis at University of Vienna. In her personal life, Nora enjoys traveling and, during winter time, spends her weekends freeriding in the Styrian alps.