Nina Wöss

Head of Marketing & Community

Nina, a big fan of brilliantly composed music, startups and pop culture, has been active in the startup ecosystem since 2012, when she discovered her passion to work with founders as an investor, mentor and supporter. Before pursuing her MSc in Management at Vienna University of Economics and Business, she fulfilled her dream to live and work in beloved New York and Toronto. Back in Austria, Nina followed her entrepreneurial spirit. Writing for a cultural magazine, Nina further developed her passion for arts, literature and live music and visited 86 concerts a year. Joining Speedinvest as the seventh team member, Nina watched and greatly supported every step of the company’s establishment since the very beginning.  As Principal at Speedinvest, she decided to focus on B2C related startups and work with companies such as Inkitt, Flaviar and Tourradar.

“Contributing to the construction of the biggest regional seed-stage fund had a unique momentum. I am curious about the transformational potential of startups.”

In 2016, Nina co-founded Female Founders, an organization to support women in entrepreneurship, grow the number of successful companies founded by women and to foster the next generation of female opinion leaders. Her creativity, openness and unique communication skills poked her to engage in Speedinvest’s Marketing. As Head of Marketing & Community, she puts her focus on portfolio services and knowledge exchange among founders, to passionately fuel dialogue and mutual growth.