Nina Ehrenreich Speedinvest Finance Team

Nina Ehrenreich

Controlling & Finance

As a finance enthusiast with profound long-term experience in the venture capital landscape, Nina brings order into the complex realm of Speedinvest. Nina has taken on challenges of controlling, accounting and administration at various companies. Working at GCP Gamma Capital Partners, managing company of numerous venture funds, she learnt more about the interplay of investing. 

“It is exciting to observe the successes and challenges faced by both entrepreneurs and investors. It’s nearly as exciting as watching my own three little ‘startups’ grow at home!”

At Speedinvest, which she joined in May 2015. Her colleagues would say that apart from her quantitative, numerical skills, Nina is caring, reliable and dependable and one of her strength is the diplomatic way to find solutions that work for all parties involved, even if that means extra work for her.