Mathias Klozenbücher

Head of M&A and Business Development

In 2006 Mathias moved to Los Angeles California basically overnight. An opportunity to finish his Master in Genetics and Microbiology at UCLA presented itself and Mathias gladly accepted. Who knew he would stay in the US for a total of 13 years. After finishing his Master’s degree and working in cancer research for 3 years he was hired by Siemens Healthcare. His diverse experience and expertise culminated in him leading Strategy, Business Development and Strategic Sourcing for the Molecular Diagnostic BU of Siemens, a highly innovative field of genetic testing. Whilst in this role, he defined a multi-billion Euro M&A strategy for the struggling business unit, but going through the long corporate approval process his targets were acquired by a competitor.

“Helping startups grow is my focus. Healthtech is my passion. Throughout my career I have been convinced it will revolutionize healthcare and will help us to live longer and healthier.”

Frustrated by slow decision making in the corporate sector Mathias jumped into the startup world. He joined the series B funded Silicon Valley Startup Fabric Genomics as part of their management team. Trying to prove that he could execute operationally and fascinated by the emerging Medtech of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) he led the commercial efforts at Fabric. Mathias and his team transitioned the company into a commercially successful operation, doubling their revenue in less than a year.

Other notable engagements included Palantir and Inventages Venture Capital.

After taking a sabbatical and travelling the world kitesurfing for a year Mathias moved back to Austria and joined Speedinvest as our new Head of M&A and Business Development.

In this free time, Mathias enjoys traveling, kitesurfing, skiing and filmmaking.