Maria Baumgartner Managing HR Consultant Speedinvest

Maria Baumgartner

Managing HR Consultant

Maria’s diverse and successful professional history has one common denominator: a desire to truly get to know people. From a startup founder and young political activist to her current role as Managing HR Consultant at Speedinvest, a true passion for people has driven Maria throughout her career.

“The moment when you connect with another person and challenge her towards a new set of possibilities is what I love the most!”

This passion, honed through many years of leadership experience and further education (Master’s Degree in Mediation) is a crucial asset for Speedinvest. Building out our network of talent and quickly matching candidates with the right opportunity across Speedinvest portfolio companies is where Maria excels like no one else.

Before shifting her focus to human resources, Maria was the general manager of one of Austria’s first big success stories – Datenwerk/Blue-C. While there, she helped grow the company into an agency group with more than 200 employees across Europe and an IPO at the “Neue Markt.” After selling her stake in the company (before the bust), Maria continued her entrepreneurial path by managing a research think tank on Artificial Intelligence (long before the hype), spending time in Silicon Valley and, eventually, helping to found Speedinvest as the first business angel fund in Austria.

Maria’s continued appetite to rethink old business sectors and to build healthy companies continues today. Her philosophy: great companies are always built on exceptional talent.