Lukas Rippitsch Speedinvest In-House HR Support for Portfolio Companies

Lukas Rippitsch

Managing HR Consultant

As a Managing HR Consultant, Lukas aims to help his team to constantly outperform stakeholder expectations with a clear focus on making processes more efficient and to guarantee client satisfaction.

Having started his career in the investment banking sector, Lukas discovered his passion for combining big chunks of data, econometrics and his social skills to solve complex solutions. A set of forensic skills, translation skills (software engineering team vs. normal people) and a good sense of diplomacy are the pillars of this professional career.

While working with data throughout his career – from investment banking (RCB), data analysis (Google) and growth hacking & people management (Improove) – he always followed a simple rule (Winston S. Churchill) – “I only believe in statistics that I doctored myself” – pointing out that working with data can be as creative as painting a portrait.

As he is known for his consistent good mood and his high energy level, he thrives in a fast-paced digital environment as well as in his local climbing gym. Cooking, wine, wine again and lots of sports are the basis of his personal life. You will always find him looking for an excuse to move your regular Jour Fixe outdoor or trying to convince you to go for a quick 10k run with him instead of your weekly 1:1.