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Lucanus Polagnoli


Working as an investment manager for well-known Business Angels sparked Lucanus’ passion for digital disruption. He became an entrepreneur by joining a startup before finally changing sides again to become an early-stage investor. Lucanus holds Master’s degrees in Marketing as well as International Management but made a career in financial consulting which highlights his sound cross-industry background.

His career in financial consulting prepared him for all kinds of challenges: With his passion to deep dive into new fields and expertise in corporate development Lucanus took on temporary management positions in varying industries from mining to sport equipment manufacturing or B2B software products, where he gained tremendous hands-on experience how to build international businesses.

“As a passionate sailor, I am not only excited to be in the same boat with dedicated entrepreneurs but love racing with you against all odds.”

Before joining Speedinvest in 2015 he was Managing Director of that – under his leadership made outstanding achievements: it raised a Seed and Series-A round, grew from 12 to 60 employees and doubled revenues every year. At Speedinvest, Lucanus leads investments in person. While taking a holistic approach across industries Lucanus is leading all hardware and digital health investments like, or*

Other than working with founders he loves travelling with his wife and three kids, going to the theatre and writing lyrics.