Lena Krauzova


As an Associate, Lena supports Speedinvest with her knowledge of the CEE region. Her experience as an observer and then editor for the Forbes Russia’s technology section allowed Lena to focus on in-depth stories about pioneers in new emerging technological markets. Previous to her work at Forbes Russia, she covered startup- and VC-related topics in articles for the business newspaper RBC. What captured her interest were the success stories of technological startups coming from the CEE region.

“In tech journalism I have seen many stories of CEE entrepreneurs who had the courage to start something new. I’m happy to have a chance to do it systematically – with the Speedinvest team.”

Lena enjoys operating as an intermediary between founders and markets and is passionate about founders whose dream is to conquer global markets with new, “first-in-kind”, products.  She believes her help with storytelling can be supportive for founders, and especially of “deep tech” startups, whose products are sometimes not easy to explain.