Speedinvest Network Effects Partner, Julian Blessin

Julian Blessin

Partner, Network Effects

Julian moved from portfolio to partner, joining the Speedinvest team from one of its companies, TIER Mobility, a successful, multinational urban mobility firm he co-founded alongside CEO Lawrence Leuschner and CTO Matthias Laug. 

Speedinvest invested in TIER Mobility through its specialist Network Effects team in 2018. Prior to starting TIER, Julian gained extensive operational venture experience. 

He started his professional career in Venture Capital at Partech Ventures shortly after his PhD in Business Administration from the University of Munich. He dove further into building and launching companies as Lead Venture Architect at BCG Digital Ventures, where he had worked since its founding in 2014. Examples of startups launched during his time there include COUP Mobility and NIST. 

“I love the very early stage of building a company. When everything is coming together, it’s both exciting and scary. The Speedinvest team was instrumental in supporting us at TIER from day one, and I’m looking forward to paying their support forward and giving back to a new generation of founders.”

Always a learner, aside from his PhD, Julian extensively studied Business Management and Technology Management not only at LMU, but also at the Center for Digital Technologies and Management, and the University of California Berkeley.