Current Portfolio

Ilia Dubinsky


Ilia has a strong science and technology background, more than 25 years of experience  in building high-tech businesses and venture investing on both sides of Atlantic ocean.  After receiving MSc from Moscow Fizteh and a PhD from MIT, Ilia left science for technological and strategic consulting, entrepreneurship and venture investing. As a consultant, he provided technological, strategic and investment advice to major corporate clients in retail, banking, manufacturing, telecommunications and venture and private equity funds.  His clients included US and Canadian telecom operators (AT&T, SBC, Qwest, Bell Canada), VC/PE funds (MSDW, Blackstone Group, Battery Ventures), telecom equipment providers (Lucent, Cisco, Phillips, Juniper, EMC2), major retail and investment banks (MSDW, Bank of Boston, Bank of America), and high-tech startups. At the beginning of the 2000s, Ilia built and operated successful consulting and high-tech businesses in the USA.

“Being useful beats being independent. I have built startups, taught students and managed companies, developed technologies and commercialized them. In every challenge I look for value that I can create.”

After moving back to Russia in 2006, Ilia led the Business Development of Telecom, Technology and Media in Central and Eastern Europe of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and was a partner of S-Group Capital Management (venture fund), co-founder of several startups and CEO of Infra Technology Company. Before joining Speedinvest, Ilia served as director of the Skolkovo Foundation’s Energy Custer, then built and directed the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) – an academic department and office responsible for industry liaison, technology transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship that serve Skoltech and partner institutions.

The talent, knowledge and skills to equip young people with technical knowledge and business skills, to awaken entrepreneurial spirits and to foster technology entrepreneurship with global aims – all of that comprises what Ilia took away from the experience he obtained on both sides of the Atlantic.