Current Portfolio

Franz Salzmann


Cultivating a keen interest in new technologies, Franz had gained profound experience abroad before he joined Speedinvest in 2015. After graduating from Oxford, an important starting point for his career was in 2008 when he joined Deutsche Bank. Following his entrepreneurial spirit, in 2012, he founded a hardware company in Berlin which came to be known as Noa Technologies Inc. based in San Francisco.

“It’s great to accompany strong founders and be on their side when things go right, but also when they go wrong.”

Striving for meaningful new experiences, Franz is particularly passionate about mobility projects and genuinely developing his interest in the Blockchain, Insuretech, Fintech, Global SaaS Models, Deeptech and other fields and activities that bear the potential to innovatively change industries and our future. As a Partner, Franz enriches Speedinvest with his specialist expertise and profound tech experience. He is eager to constantly identify and promote new prospects for startups in the tech industry.