Felix Faltin Speedinvest Principal

Felix Faltin


Felix focuses on digital health at Speedinvest and has years of industry experience spanning the private and public sector in Europe and Asia. Felix studied philosophy in the UK and public policy in the US before getting knee-deep into municipal and federal health care reform in his hometown, Vienna.

He learnt the hard way how difficult it is to modernize health delivery at scale and then moved on to develop new service lines for a healthcare corporate across Europe and Asia, adding an international growth perspective to his health background.

Later, Felix served as technology and economic policy advisor to the Austrian government and was able to drive high-level technology initiatives at a national and European level. Felix joined Speedinvest in 2018 to hunt for future category leaders in digital health and help them revolutionize health care from below.

“Digital tech will help us deliver better healthcare to billions of people across the world. My job is to find founders who share this vision and help them win.”