Current Portfolio

Erik Bovee


One of the words that describe Erik best is ‘dedicated’. His career as an international top athlete in epee fencing prepared him for all kinds of challenges. After leaving Oxford University in 1999, Erik was equipped for several strategic tasks: he took on senior operational and strategic roles in a number of telecoms and internet companies and gained tremendous hands-on experience as a founder and executive in the tech industry. Erik was a founder of Digital Mobility, sold to Mobile Media Group in 2002, and European Managing Director of eMeta Corporation, acquired by Macrivision in 2006.

“I love working with technical founders, who as kids were dragged out of bed early Saturday morning to go to maths competitions, or stayed up late playing D&D or writing games for  Apple IIe when everyone else was going out.”

From 2006 onwards, Erik worked for VeriSign and was responsible for enterprise messaging mobile product lines in no place less than Silicon Valley. As a US expert, Erik now oversees US operations as well as corporate and business development activities for Speedinvest’s diverse portfolio companies.