Dawid Rylski Speedinvest Associate

Dawid Rylski


With a BSc in Finance and a MSc in Law from Kozminski University in Warsaw, Dawid unites his knowledge of the financial world with legal understanding. Following his growing interest in startups, he obtained a second Master’s degree in Management from London Business School with focus on entrepreneurship.

Dawid studied and worked in four different countries and cities, comprising Warsaw, Madrid, London, and now Vienna. During his time in London, Dawid was given a chance to gain early-stage startup experience by working for Weengs, a seed-stage e-commerce fulfilment startup. Furthermore, Dawid dived into the world of Investment Banking at JP Morgan and M&A at PwC where he worked on buy-side and sell-side transactions in various industries, including technology as well as healthcare.

At Speedinvest, Dawid is a part of the pre-seed team, where he is responsible for sourcing and evaluating investments.

Being an avid sports enthusiast, Dawid not only pursues his interest via following games on the screen but also used to play football on a semi-professional level. Moreover, Dawid enjoys cycling as well as surfing in summer next to snowboarding in winter.