Christopher Zemina


As an LSE graduate and Master’s student of Accounting and Finance at the University of St. Gallen, Chris gained his first insights into Speedinvest as a summer intern. Now, as an Associate, he further develops his genuine interest in Fintech and related areas. Eager to learn something new in his work as much as in his personal life, Chris takes on a personal  challenge that matters to him every year, from learning the basics of coding to reading one book each week.

“Asked by a colleague about my motivation to work in VC, I realized that I’m entrepreneur first, and an investor second.”

Having lived in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Italy, UK, Singapore and Switzerland for at least three months, Chris has first-hand experience with the differences and similarities between markets and industries. As a dedicated tennis and squash player, he also enjoys pushing his physical and mental limits and motivating others to do the same.