Charlotte Paech

Senior HR Consultant

Heroes don’t need capes or spider bites. It’s the combination of head, heart and attitude that unleashes super powers. As a Senior HR Consultant, Charlotte has a trained eye for heroes and a gifted ability to transform them into teams as powerful as the Avengers.

Charlotte has a decade of experience in Human Resources (HR). As a fast learner and high achiever, she has supported demanding clients across a wide range of industries and at varying different stages of development. By combining her academic background in HR with a hands-on attitude she has developed a rich set of methods to support start-ups, founders and new team members on a personal level.

Here is how Charlotte can help: Matching the right people is like solving a puzzle. The edges (skills) need to be appreciated in order for each piece (talent) to fit the gaps (road blocks) in the larger picture (start-ups). During her professional experience Charlotte has found many missing pieces – under the sofa, during stealth mode, in the valley, across the pond, before beta – you name it.

Running a start-up is tough. It takes blood, sweat and luck to get it right. But many teams fail under stress when they don’t treat their start-up as a living organism. Charlotte knows how to get through all the code and business lingo to identify your personal kryptonite.

Charlotte is light-hearted and empathetic; in negotiations determined but fair. She gets excited by the spirit of the teams she mentors and is thankful for the positive change she can achieve with her work. Charlotte loves good food, which is somewhat surprising considering her cooking skills; she’d rather break her fingernails boxing than wrestling in the kitchen.