SpeedInvest wins 2nd Place at Venture Capital Awards

On June 19th Speedinvest was awarded 2nd place in the 2013 Austrian Venture Capital and Private Equity Awards.

SpeedInvest took home the silver at the recent Austrian Venture Capital and Private Equity Awards. This makes us very proud for two reasons:

First reason:
The prize was awarded by institutions (Vienna Stock Exchange, Federation of Austrian Industries, financial press & media and top notch auditing and law firms – in short: “the establishment”) that the start-up industry often complains don’t give them enough attention.
This award sends a strong signal from the establishment’s, Startup industry!
You’re welcome!

Second reason:
And the best thing about it?  We won the prize without really trying. And we won in impeccable SpeedInvest style:
-we submitted our application two days after the deadline
– and it wasn’t so much an “application” but a 14-line email accompanied by our recycled infographic
– we showed up at the ceremony only after being chased by the organizers for days. We didn’t realize the invitation meant that we made it onto the list of only 5 nominees out of 22 applications
– then of course we were half an hour late
– Oliver preparing his ‘thank you’ speech in even less time than I dedicated to the application itself (taking notes on a paper tissue after 4th place was awarded)

But don’t get the wrong impression.  We weren’t being arrogant, we simply didn’t expect ‘the establishment’ to take us seriously, with our early stage technology focus.  We live so far out in Neuland we weren’t sure they had our address.  But we’re really glad they did.  It tells us that our day-to-day work is award-worthy to others and needs no BS or flashy presentation.

But in the end pride of accomplishment is retrospective:
it doesn’t push us forward. Much more important is what take away for our future work. And this made me think about the good in coming second… And it took me a while, to be honest.

Second place is the last chance to do better next time!

…and that project kicked off on June 20th.