Investment Facts:

Investment Manager:
Oliver Holle

Investment: 2011
Exit: 2015

The boot sale app for beautiful things nearby

Shpock is a motley name and means “Shop in your pocket”. As smartphone app, Shpock – the boot sale app for beautiful things, is the shop you always carry in your pocket.

“Buy and sell second hand”

Start the iPhone or Android app and you can instantly find, buy and sell used and extraordinary items. And if you’re lucky, you might even find a free offer in your area while browsing the app.

Second hand, do-it-yourself, used or simply beautiful. If there is a time when you are not looking for something new or selling something on your own, then simply rummage through the pictures and get inspired. Be it the charm of an old photo camera, a rare piece of furniture or a fancy piece of clothing.

How did you come up with the idea?

In every town, there is a boot sale, many online marketplaces, classifieds portals, used goods forums and an online second-hand market for each topic. As fans of the old and extraordinary, we have tried them all through the years. Unfortunately, they have one thing in common. Over time, the loyal community was getting smaller and the buying and selling process became ever more complicated. More and more power sellers, spammers and people who have no good intentions, contributed to the fact, that the initial charm of these portals was lost.

As we once sat together, we talked about how nice it would be to have a simple and portable yard sale! Shpock was born. At the beginning it was all about the easy exchange of stuff with friends. What began as a small idea has quickly drawn us into the spell and we all invested time, passion and creativity to build something great. One thing was clear, if Shpock is the boot sale app for beautiful things, Shpock needs to be beautiful too.