Investment Facts:

Investment Manager:
Stefan Klestil

Investment Date: 2014
Exit: 2016

Holvi – A completey new approach to banking

Holvi has been built to solve the complex problem of managing finances in the modern world where people work together, sell online and manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Holvi is a simple and efficient tool for managing any small company, event or project.

A Holvi account adds small business tools, online payments and modern usability on top of a traditional current account. You can open a Holvi account completely online in minutes.

-) Money Management: Holvi has everything you need for end-to-end money management in one place. Your current account, invoicing and accounting are built-in.

-) Collect Payments: Every Holvi account has an online store which you can open with just a few clicks. Payment methods are included and there is no programming required.

-) Invoicing: Create professional invoices and email them straight from your Holvi account. See instantly which invoices are paid or overdue.