Investment Facts:

Investment Manager:
Werner Zahnt

Investment Date: 2016



Hotel Management Software

Facility wants to revolutionize the hospitality industry and improve customer services around the globe. No phone calls, no notes, no lost information: one application covers all departments in a hotel. Maids can check which rooms need cleaning, inform maintenance about required repairs or notify the reception when a room is ready. Supervisors can monitor these work processes.
The idea was born in 2012, when now-CEO Luka Berger conducted an internship at a hotel in the Yellowstone National Park and noticed countless possibilities for improving processes. Due to this first-hand experience, Facility is convinced that their solution will become an essential tool in the global hotel industry.

“Facility were able to convince us with their outstanding team and product, addressing a real pain point of the hotel industry – an industry in the middle of disruption that still relies on very analog processes today. Facility enables to realize massive efficiency- and service quality-improvements of hotel operations.”

– Werner Zahnt, Investment Manager