Investment Facts:

Investment Manager:
Stefan Klestil

Investment Date: 2016



cashpresso –
the first mobile, revolving credit line

cashpresso offers credit – pure and simple. In just 10 minutes, the cashpresso account can be opened entirely online and up to 1,500 € are immediately ready to be spent. The credit line is revolving, so customers may re-use it as often as they want. cashpresso offers a range of payment plans customers can choose from and change anytime as they see fit, at no extra cost.

The pricing policy is strictly pay as you use, so being a customer comes at no fixed cost. Pricing is designed to be understood easily with no surprises – no fixed or hidden fees. Interest is charged on open amount only, which the customer can check at all times. The cashpresso app and web portal allows customers to easily access and use their credit line anytime, anywhere.