Metrics for Startups – Speedinvest Insights

When we started Speedinvest we had one ambition that we are trying to fulfill every day: be as entrepreneurial as an investor as possible. This is easier said then done, because the day to day business is truly different than that of the average entrepreneur. We have looked at over 200 companies in the past 6 months, made over 100 personal meetings and invested in less than a hand full of companies, meaning that we are more driven by our calendars and email inboxes, than by product development. What is the “product” of a successful investment fund anyways? We think that it is the value and the specific services we can offer to the companies we invest in. That is what we need to work on, because after all the startups are our clients.

Thus being entrepreneurial means not only to understand the trials and tribuluations of a startup, but also to provide meaningful help to portfolio companies and others in our region along the way. That is why last Friday we hosted our first Speedinvest insights, a get together planned to be hosted regularly, focusing on a different topic (like “Performance & Metrics” this time) where startups and experts would exchange their views and experiences in a friendly surrounding, helping everyone to get better.

We were exited how well it went, here are some impressions.

I am looking forward to future events in this series that is definitely going to be an important part of our “product” in the future.