Target segments:

FinTech / InsurTech




Have a product ready and a great team. No powerpoint start-ups, please.

Revolutionizing European Venture Capital

Europe is filled with technology and talent. Global innovation in the last century has been driven by European minds: Tesla, Siemens, Einstein, Planck. Today, Europe still consistently produces world-class talent, but there is a gap between raw ability and the resources required to build competitive technology and companies.

Speedinvest not only invests capital in world-class talent, but also provides the entrepreneurial know-how, and operational experience that is rare outside of a place like Silicon Valley, but is so essential to building great companies.

We take world-class talent and create world-class companies.

Fund Overview

We provide significant capital.
Seed: up to 500K
Follow-On: up to 3M

Fund Size:

120M EUR

Assets under Management:
EUR 10M Speedinvest I Fund
EUR 90M Speedinvest II Fund
EUR 20M Speedinvest x

Target region:

Central Europe & Beyond

that is, our focus is on CEE, but we also do investments outside these regions if we like the deal.

Success Factors

We connect to the US.

Our bridge to the US via our office in the Silicon Valley as well as our partnership with NEA, the world’s biggest VC fund, offers founders invaluable access to the US market. Our portfolio companies can therefore benefit from connections to US tech companies, a wider range of exit channels and better valuations.

Speedinvest WORKS.

We work hands-on.

Our partners work, hands-on, together with our founders as part of our own Growth Partner Program. We provide our founders with the experience, network and operational support to help them address their challenges. The high ratio of partners within the fund enables us to engage with every single one of our portfolio companies.

Speedinvest WORKS.

We provide the network.

Over 100 investors behind Speedinvest actively help our portfolio companies grow. These are companies such as RedBull and Funke-Group and a network of some of the most successful business angels and entrepreneurs in Europe. Our strong connections with other venture capital funds such as NEA facilitate follow-on funding.

Speedinvest WORKS.

We are entrepreneurs.

Our partners are all experienced practitioners, most of them multi-exit founders, who can leverage years of operational experience and vast networks within their areas of expertise. We are not bankers or consultants; we are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Speedinvest WORKS.

Growth Partner Program

Active involvement, experience and connections.

We are actively involved.

At Speedinvest, we see our required level of engagement for our portfolio companies differently than conventional VCs. Within the Growth Partner Program, one or two of our partners will lend operative support for specified projects over a time frame of 6 to 12 months.

This degree of involvement with every single one of our portfolio companies is only possible due to our unconventionally high ratio of partners in the fund.


Our experience forms the basis of our success.

All of our partners can leverage years of operational experience and vast networks within their functional area and industry of expertise, several being multi-exit founders.

In addition, our over 100 limited partners are more than just investors; many of them are influential companies or successful entrepreneurs themselves.

Our portfolio companies can access know-how and connections usually not accessible at this stage: not just at a mentoring level, but also for operational tasks such as market expansions and follow-on funding.

Specifically tailored and founder-friendly in practice.

Specifically tailored and founder-friendly in practice.

We provide hands-on support in four important execution areas:

  • business development (market entry strategy, marketing, sales)
  • human resources (search & hiring, organizational development)
  • internationalization (EU, US)
  • corporate development (fund raising, strategic alliances)

Tangible actions and goals are defined jointly with the founders and are tailored to each startup. Sometimes, these objectives can also change over time; we flexibly address challenges together.

We always work eye-to-eye with our founders: founders have the right to exercise call options on the equity shares if they feel that the agreed-upon milestones have not been met sufficiently by Speedinvest.

The Growth Partner Program moves founders ahead.