Exciting news from indoo.rs!

indoo.rs, the technology leader in indoor localization and navigation, has been selected to participate in the “Entrepreneurship-in-Residence” program, launched by the Mayor of San Francisco, to explore innovative solutions to civic challenges. indoo.rs appointed new CEO, Hannes Stiebitzhofer to lead the company in its commercial worldwide expansion.

indoo.rs was selected as one of the six startup companies to participate in a new “Entrepreneurship-in-Residence” program. The voluntary, sixteen-week collaboration starting March 2014 aims to bring together the private sector and City departments to explore innovative solutions to civic challenges that can lower costs, increase revenue, and enhance productivity.


Nearly 200 startups from 25 cities and countries around the world applied to the program. The diverse group of applicants ranged from seed-stage startups to later stage startups and across software, hardware and services – including serial entrepreneurs, NASA engineers, employees of leading technology companies, and several patent holders including some that have been granted more than 100 patents. San Francisco City departments and agencies selected the finalists through a competitive process based on their needs and priorities.

indoo.rs will collaborate with the San Francisco International Airport on exploring and enhanced navigation and location-based services.

indoo.rs offers a flexible and accurate real-time localization software for indoor venues, where GPS signal coverage is difficult to use. indoo.rs technology is widely used in positioning and navigation solutions for airports, shopping malls, hospitals, museums and enterprises. Way-finding and routing, proximity marketing and interactive guides, analytics and asset tracking are a few of the features indoo.rs technology offers to its customers.

The indoo.rs platform uses a range of technologies, consisting of client-side technology that combines available signals from the device sensors (including accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, and compass) with radio signals such as 3G, Wi-Fi, geomagnetic fields and Bluetooth LE, for accurate and robust positioning. indoo.rs unique sensor fusion and post-processing methodology deliver highly accurate positioning estimates, at the same time keeping footprint and power consumption low.

Hannes Stiebitzhofer has been appointed the CEO of indoo.rs. “I am very much excited to join indoo.rs as I see indoor navigation only as a first step. The technologies developed by this young and great team will enable many applications we haven’t thought of”, comments Stiebitzhofer.

Prior to joining indoo.rs, Stiebitzhofer was Technical Director at LearningSigns and was responsible for the technical development of mobile educational games experience. He has vast expertise in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Product-Management, Software Development, and Project Management. Since 2000, Stiebitzhofer has successfully founded and co-founded several companies and has held directive positions in those and other businesses.