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The Founder’s Logbook

A logbook (a ship’s logs or simply log) is a record of important events in the management, operation, and navigation of a ship. It is essential to traditional navigation, and must be filled in at least daily. Wikipedia Now here’s a thought: Captains keep logbooks. For scientific experiments, detailed logbooks with outcomes are kept. It […]

Scaling your Startup – Some insights

‘The only way is up’ – Yazz (1988) If you are running a startup, working in one, or you just follow the industry news, you will not have been able to avoid all the craze about scalability. „Does it scale?“ will be a regular question in VC meetings, „that doesn’t scale“ a common feedback in […]

We move your ideas

On August 31st in 2013 I received the following task by Marcel in my Inbox: We were using Socialcast at that time and Marcel had first met Stefan and Christopher in Silicon Valley about 3 months before. A team from Klagenfurt doing Adaptive Streaming, having co-authored the MPEG-DASH standard? That caught our attention. Stefan, Christopher […]

Optimize for value, not for valuation

Speedinvest has completed over 25 seed investments in a little less than 5 years, and that means a lot of deal negotiations. Termsheets are essentially a sales process, where founders try to sell their product (the Startup) as well as possible, and the buyer (the Investor) tries to assess the real value to his or […]

Pitch Perfect

Yawn! Another blogpost on pitching. Is that going to make the world any better, solve riddles and problems of our time? Will it make me / you happier, slimmer, more beautiful, etc.? No. But the honest truth is: I can’t stand bad pitches any more. You might think that we reached a point where everyone […]

Warum Österreich nicht das nächste Silicon Valley wird

Oder: Auf dem Weg zu Silicon Alps Ein unauffälliger Landstrich zwischen zwei Gewässern, entlang einer vielspurigen Autobahn, ist die moderne Traumfabrik. Silicon Valley hat längst Hollywood abgelöst, wer heute von Berühmtheit und Erfolg träumt, hat Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk oder Steve Jobs vor Augen. Visionäre und begnadete Unternehmer, die dank der Entwicklung der Informationstechnologie reich […]

On the road for “Mission Possible”

This post appeared first on inventures.eu. In this series inventures joins entrepreneurs at their adventures on the road. In part one Michael Schuster shares the road trip experience from an investor’s point of view. It seems reasonable to set big goals for yourself when you travel to a place called Mission. After all, the district […]

Europe vs. the US: founder stories

  We at Speedinvest keep on discussing differences between Europe and the US in length, and have done so over and over again. Sigh. You probably heard it enough from us already. That’s why we wanted to ask someone who experienced the difference first hand, founded a company in Austria early and then moved to […]

A picture paints a thousand words.

About a year ago, I received an email from Florian, introduced through a mutual friend, with the subject line “Do you know Usersnap?”. I didn’t. We met, Florian pitched me the service, an incredibly easy to use yet super useful way of doing screenshots right in the browser, with the ability to handle even complex […]

Startup Spirit

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in Startup Live Bucharest, which reminded me of the power and dedication young people show, when it comes to working on fresh ideas. Over 60 people gathered at the HUB Bucharest (very nice location!) and worked their asses off to deliver pitches on their ideas that […]