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Exit No. 7 – a big one for us

The next exit for Speedinvest, and this one is a big one for us. Anybody close to Speedinvest (or even just close to me) knows about Hitbox, knows about the monumental struggle it was to build a global streaming media powerhouse out of tiny Austria – with small cheques, but tons of dedication, late nights, […]

Beyond Capital – Addressing the Human Resource Gap

Access to Capital has always been at the heart of focus for startup founders. There is tons of good (or bad) advice out there, venture funds keep popping up and the business angel ecosystem is growing at a healthy rate. So, the demand of founders for this critical resource is increasingly addressed. Surprisingly, for the […]

2 Minuten 2 Millionen

So, we just resurfaced from an amazing Pioneers Festival and now we have our own TV show: “2 Minuten 2 Millionen” which is going to premiere on November 25th on Puls4. We, that is, the Austrian Start-Up scene. This is pretty cool. When we first heard of the idea, we were both sceptical and excited. Excited, […]

4 lessons every VC should know before investing in pivoted startups

This article was originally posted on Venturebeat. Read the comments there. We all know about the perfect pivot. The number of books and articles for entrepreneurs about when, how, and why they should drop their original idea to do something completely different could fill a small national library. Unfortunately as a steed-stage VC like myself, […]

Hail the hidden champions: why fringe markets may beat Silicon Valley

In January, Speedinvest, our first time seed fund, turned half a year old. Even in startup life, that's quite young, yet it feels like ages. In this first of a series of observations, I want to share my specific experiences and hopefully learn from your feedback. When I speak with friends in Silicon Valley, they […]