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Flip Early, Flip Hard!

Legal and governance details founders must know if they wish to enter the US market! • Legal setup • Supervisory board • Learn Silicon Valley best practice as early as possible! I’ve done a little writing and speaking on the burgeoning EU tech scene, and the benefits and challenges of being a European founder moving […]

Wake up and smell the esports

A recent South Park episode aired in North America, ‘#REHASH’, and probably had most viewers over the age of seventeen, and who don’t devote at least 20 hours per week to playing Minecraft or League of Legends, a little mystified. In the episode, pre-school children taunted the show’s main characters, who are assumed to be […]

Exit: Founders, you weren’t using your soul, were you?

This post appeared first on Venturebeat. Here’s an extreme version of what you can expect to hear just before signing over your startup in an acquisition deal: “Our counsel says including your first-born child in reps and warranties is totally standard. We have never had any pushback on this!” Welcome to the fun part! You […]

The exit: Fear and Loathing in M&A for founders

This post appeared first on Venturebeat. You’re sitting in your office late on a Friday, alone. Hot wet tears are streaming down your cheeks. Your mobile phone rings constantly. Your CTO, shareholders, and everyone else is calling to learn how the meeting went. The COO who joined you on the conference call has already left […]

Exit: Things every startup founder should know

This post appeared first on Venturebeat. Silicon Valley talent comes from all over the world. Approximately 30 percent of software, semiconductor and computing companies in the US are founded by foreigners, and over 50 percent of tech startups in Silicon Valley are founded by immigrants. Consider this along with the fact that an absurdly high […]

The Internet is still a Series of Tubes

… or How Ageing US Lawmakers get it Wrong Again with SOPA. Those of you who aren’t familiar with the ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ (SOPA) now facing the US Congress, or the earlier ‘Protect IP Act’ (PIPA), and haven’t noticed the flurry of urgent discussion following the Wikipedia Blackout or the many online protests and […]

Can we stop talking about European clone startups now?

My fiancee, who is a violinist, and takes no interest in my work with startups, except to express the opinion that people who work in business (and particularly finance and hi-tech) are overpaid, and probably dishonest, came up with a second observation recently: Fiancee: ‘I hear most European tech startups are just copycats of successful […]

Building a brigde from Central Europe to San Francicso

Slowly, but surely, Vienna is building its own reputation as a startup hotspot. There has been a bunch of massive exits driven with Austrian founder DNA (Cumulative value of the exits from UCP, Jahjah, 3united or last.fm exceed 1 billion USD), but recently the news flow from this region has jumped up with companies such […]

Things happen fast

I woke up the other day to find that some of the worst regimes in the Middle East were on the verge of collapse, and Vienna had a startup scene. I don’t want to overuse the ‘Arab Spring’ metaphor, so I will stop right here and never, ever mention it again. It might all have […]