1. Application

Tell us about your startup. Speedinvest not only invests capital but also valuable operational support (learn more about us). You’re right for us if you’re an early stage company (with a product and a team) in digital, in our target region Europe and you’re searching for an investment up to 500.000 EUR. If you don’t have a product ready yet, send your pitch to our partners at Pioneers Ventures.

2. Screening

Our team takes a close look at your application. We conduct a first assessment of the market, competition and your proposition, make cross checks within our network and get a basic feeling for your team and idea. Up to this point, it usually takes 2 weeks, so that you know early on if we’re interested in intensifying our discussions.

3. Investment Case Preparation & IC

This will be the most intense phase: together we evaluate all aspects of your business and create the investment case. A proposal is then submitted to our Investment Committee (IC) which has the final vote on the investment. The IC also gives feedback that needs to be tackled before the investment.

4. Term Sheet

After the formal OK and feedback from the IC, we develop a term sheet, our offer to you concerning our work involvement and the financial investment. After we’ve agreed on these terms, we sign off all legal documents and get started immediately. The whole process is usually done within 3 months maximum; in many cases we’re faster.

5. Cooperation

Now the fun part starts: we work and grow your business together. In many cases, someone from our team will join your team and take on a role that we jointly defined in the context of our Speedinvest Growth Partner Program.

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