A picture paints a thousand words.

About a year ago, I received an email from Florian, introduced through a mutual friend, with the subject line “Do you know Usersnap?”. I didn’t. We met, Florian pitched me the service, an incredibly easy to use yet super useful way of doing screenshots right in the browser, with the ability to handle even complex Javascript, awkward DOMs and the option to add notes and markers to the screenshot without any effort – the ideal tool to enable everybody to give continuous feedback.

Simple, effortless, useful. Those were my first thoughts. I remember going into our weekly Pipeline meeting, where we discuss startups we’ve seen and take an immediate decision whether to dig deeper or not. I presented Usersnap in exactly that meeting, about an hour after I met Florian and we all gave it an immediate “Go”. Product was good, team was a great mix and we could clearly see a global market.

We started talking about a potential investment, first Florian wanted to take some time to perfect the product and learn more from the early users that were already using it, than we had our hands full with other deals and the always stressful but superb Pioneers Festival, but then, around that time, our talks became clearer and converged to a deal that we signed soon afterwards.

Yesterday we signed the final papers, including some co-investments by Business Angels Usersnap had lined up, a scenario that is frequent in our investments. And although we call ourselves Speedinvest, sometimes good things happen to those who wait. We are very happy to welcome Florian, Gregor and Josef to our portfolio and we look forward to working with you.

Go ahead! Try it! A picture paints a thousand words.