Startup Spirit

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in Startup Live Bucharest, which reminded me of the power and dedication young people show, when it comes to working on fresh ideas.

Over 60 people gathered at the HUB Bucharest (very nice location!) and worked their asses off to deliver pitches on their ideas that they brought to the venue on Friday evening. Many ideas hovered around urging topics in Romanian society and the teams tried to figure out how to package them into products, estimate the market and create a sustainable business.

Those events really are instrumental in creating an ecosystem and getting entrepreneurial thinking and talent into society. They encourage and enable people, from diverse backgrounds to try out building something from the ground up. The spirit of this event and the outcomes are simply amazing.

In about 10 minutes the final pitches should start and I am looking forward to that, finding out how the ideas evolved in those three days.