2 Minuten 2 Millionen

So, we just resurfaced from an amazing Pioneers Festival and now we have our own TV show: “2 Minuten 2 Millionen” which is going to premiere on November 25th on Puls4.

We, that is, the Austrian Start-Up scene. This is pretty cool. When we first heard of the idea, we were both sceptical and excited.

Excited, because this is the chance to finally show the public at large what we do, to promote entrepreneurship and make those great teams Austria has to offer visible. It’s another step in a long journey.

Sceptical, because it is somehow terrifying to be part of a reality TV format where bashing, blank exhibitionism or small talk wisdoms on start-ups would occupy centre stage.

In the end, we quickly decided to participate. It’s a question of risk taking and we would simply look stupid if we would be leaning on the safe side here. So now, only weeks away, it’s on us to make this a great show. Together with my co-jurors Hansi Hansmann, Michael Altrichter, Daniel Mattes and Selma Prodanovic, I will have to be entertaining, yet serious. The wonderful team of Puls4 will make sure that the show element will be visible and so will we. But let’s talk about the propaganda that we want to get across.

Being part of the start-up scene pretty much before it existed, this is the moment (ok, maybe it’s one of many moments to come) where we can formulate for what we stand for. Certainly, we at Speedinvest want to see it that way.

So here is my question to the community:

  • What do you all want to get across?
  • What shall I avoid at all cost?
  • What are the lessons the audience should take away from watching this show?

Help me get through this. Let’s make the most of this wonderful, old fashioned media format and blast our message out.

See you in a few weeks on the big screen!